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Chocolate Décor

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Keller Truffle Shell - Milk

SKU: QZ103856 1/504 CT CS

Cn124 Dk Ring Gold/silver

SKU: QZ115418 1/144 CT CS

Turitella White/dark Choc

SKU: QZ120478 6/117 PC BC
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Keller Truffle Shell - Dark

SKU: QZ103859 1/504 CT CS

Cb298 Wht Choc Butterfly

SKU: QZ105986 1/208 CT PC

Keller Truffle Shell - White

SKU: QZ103862 1/504 CT CS

Chocoa Dark Chocolate Cup - Liqueur - With Foil 65

SKU: QZ105854 1/154 CT CASE

Chocoa Dark/milk/white Chocolate Crispy Pearls

SKU: QZ118588N 4/455 GR BC

Chocoa Dark Chocolate Flakes

SKU: QZ118010 20/1 KG BC