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Chocolate Décor

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Dark Bella Tazza Choc Cup

SKU: QZ117202 1/36 CT CS

Chocoa Dark Chocolate - Coffee Cup - Large 68%

SKU: QZ117197 1/36 CT CS

Chocoa Dark Chocolate - Coffee Cup - Mini

SKU: QZ115631 1/45 CT CS
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Cacao Barry Paillete Feuilletine - 100% Butter

SKU: GCB790003 4/2.5 KG BOXES BC

Dobla Chocolate Cigarette - Dark/white Twister

SKU: QZ116875 6/3150 PC BC

Chocoa Chocolate Cup - Tulip - Pastel - Medium

SKU: QZ116931 1/36 CT CS

Decor Spear Long Drk/wht

SKU: QZ121122 6/490 PC BC

Chocoa White Chocolate Cigarettes 4.2"

SKU: QZ119146 12/100 CT BC

Marbled Clover Choc Cup

SKU: QZ106172 1/45 CT CS