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55% Val Equatoriale Semi Feves



Bakels Coating Non-tempering-hard Set

SKU: QZ101582


Bakels Coating Non-tempering-hard Set

SKU: QZ101579


Bakels White Chocolate Truffle Ganache

SKU: QZ110720


Cacao Barry Blanc Satin

SKU: GCB640071


Cacao Barry Chocolat Amer-baking Chocolate

SKU: VN239070


Cacao Barry Coating Pâte á Glacer Brune Medium Har

SKU: GCB920123


Cacao Barry Coating Pâte á Glacer Ivorie Medium Ha



Cacao Barry Cocoa Butter Powder Mycryo 100% Cocoa

SKU: VN240174


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Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder Extra Brute Red Dutch Pro

SKU: VN240145


Cacao Barry Excellence Purity From Nature Single o

SKU: VN240325


Cacao Barry Favorite Mi-amere

SKU: VN239045


Cacao Barry Guayaquil

SKU: GCB603011


Cacao Barry Hazelnut Praline Grains

SKU: 10103020


Cacao Barry Hazelnut Praliné Favorites Filling

SKU: VN240150


Cacao Barry Lactee Barry Equilibre

SKU: VN239050


Cacao Barry Lactee Superieure

SKU: GCB620270


Cacao Barry Paillete Feuilletine - 100% Butter

SKU: GCB790003


Callebaut Excellent 811nv

SKU: VN241110


Callebaut Excellent D811nv

SKU: QZ100292


Callebaut Intense L6040nv

SKU: 4101BC-L-60-40-


Callebaut Select 823nv

SKU: 4101CB823-959


Callebaut Select C823nv



Callebaut Select Cw2nv

SKU: VN241151