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Salmon Coho Portions S/o 5-6oz

SKU: WI030432 1/10 LB CS

Yellowfin Tuna Loin

SKU: WI030465 1/30 LB CS

Cod,icelandic Fillet 16-32 oz

SKU: 109913 1/20 LB
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Tilapia Fillet 6-7 Oz(sashimi)

SKU: WI030396 1/10 LB CS

Cod Atlantic Boston Cutlet 5z

SKU: QG13703 1/10 LB

As Good As Fresh Snapper Butterfly Fillets

SKU: WI030445 1/10 LB CS

Yellowfin Tuna Saku Block

SKU: WI030457 1/10 LB CS

Tuna Yellowfin Steaks 6 oz

SKU: WI030461 1/10 LB CS

Sea Bass,chilean Portions 8 oz

SKU: WI030442 1/10 LB CS