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Center of the Plate

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Tuna In Olive Oil

SKU: 390087 12/7 OZ BC

Octopus Clean 6-8 lb Fao 34

SKU: WI030042 1/28 LB CASE

Java Crab Lump Crab Meat

SKU: 99298 12/1 LB BC
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Java Crab Special Crab Meat

SKU: 99361 12/1 LB BC

Albacore Tuna From Oregon

SKU: 390108 24/6 OZ BC

Octopus Clean 4-6 lb Fao 34

SKU: WI030040 1/28 LB CS

Baker's Bacon Dry Cured Double Smoked Sliced Abf

SKU: 10256430 1/15 LB (10/12 PER LB)

Octopus Cooked Legs 5-7 oz Fao 34

SKU: WI030043 4/3.31 LB CS

As Good As Fresh Snapper Butterfly Fillets

SKU: WI030445 1/10 LB CS