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Mousse Duck W/cognac

SKU: 120241 6/5 OZ BC

Pork Pate With Pistachios

SKU: 933003N 2/4 LB BC CW

Fabrique Délices Duck Mousse With Port Wine

SKU: VN048337 2/ 3.5 LB BC
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Pate With Black Peppercorns

SKU: VN048044 2/3 LB BC

Pork Pate With Pistachios

SKU: 1008817 6/8 OZ BC

Pate De Campagne With Black Peppercorns

SKU: EI551306 2/3 LB BC

Fabrique Délices Vegetable Pâté

SKU: VN048834 2/3 LB BC

Olympia Provisions Pork Rillettes

SKU: 1008816 6/8 OZ BC

Fabrique Délices Pheasant Terrine With Fig & Pista

SKU: 77672 2/3.5 LBS BC