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Bean Pastes

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White Miso Paste

SKU: GSR363 10/1KG BC

Rocoto Pepper Paste

SKU: 10365759 12/8 OZ CS

Hummus Spread

SKU: 930736 5 LB TUB PC
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SKU: 922682 12/8 OZ

Shiro Miso Paste

SKU: VN149217 12/32 OZ BC

Aka Miso Paste

SKU: VN149204 12/32 OZ CS BC

Tahini Paste

SKU: D195 12/2 LB JARS BC

Tahini Paste

SKU: D196 12/1 LB JARS BC

Hot Bean Paste

SKU: 933614 6/4.4 LB BC