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Specialty Commodites

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Slivered Blanched Skin Off Almonds

SKU: VN160303 5 LB BOX

Macadamia Pieces

SKU: VN160745 5 LB BOX

Whole Blanched Skin Off Hazelnuts/filbert

SKU: VN160549 5 LB BOX
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Desiccated Coconut Macaroon

SKU: 921729 1/5 LBS

Chopped Walnut Pieces

SKU: VN160980 1/30 LB

Dried Cranberries

SKU: GF344 1/5 LB

Blueberries Dried

SKU: VN150269 5 LB BOX

Raisins Golden Bulk

SKU: GB329 30 LB CS

Raw Pumpkin Seeds

SKU: VN160085 5 LB BOX