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Products that are both safe and high quality have long been the standard of The Chefs’ Warehouse and its subsidiaries. To accomplish this, it is important that everyone in our supply chain (growers, manufacturers, processors, importers, brokers and transporters) are working hard to achieve the same goal.  Many of our own quality expectations are based on regulatory expectations or industry best practices that take into account requirements anticipated under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Our business is committed to providing our customers with products that are of the highest quality and that comply with these safety standards.

As part of our strategy for continuous improvement of our processes and procedures The Chefs' Warehouse, Inc. and its subsidiaries are committed to enhancing the quality of our data. Accurate data is the foundation for seamless transactional processing with our suppliers.

To become a supplier to our company we require that prospectors go to

The Chefs' Warehouse Vendor Information Form to complete the necessary information in our Supplier Application. Your completed application will then be reviewed by our Compliance and Category Manager teams and, once approved to move forward, you will be contacted to complete out Supplier Approval Program.

For any questions or concerns regarding your application please reach out to or or feel free to contact us at 203.894.1345


Product Submission

Want to get your products in the hands of the best chefs in the country?

You've come to the right place. The Chefs' Warehouse is always interested in new and exciting products. Below you will find all of the information you need to submit your products for consideration.

To proceed, please send or submit the following:

  1. Send five samples of your product to The Chefs' Warehouse, Attn: Product Committee, 100 E Ridge Rd, Ridgefield CT 06877
  2. Complete our new vendor questionnaire: The Chefs' Warehouse Vendor Introduction Form.
  3. You will need to submit the following form: New Item Agreement as well as a copy of your label and relevant item certifications. Also, please review our Item Packaging Specifications.